Drawing Together

"Hello!  Thank you for interest in TLCLA.
Whether you are changing daycares or starting daycare for the first time, I understand how traumatic it can be for both you the parent and the children involved. Finding a daycare that meets your child’s needs and at the same time finding a provider that you feel you can entrust with your child/children can be very nerve-wracking.


I feel it is very important for the parents and the provider to have a very open and friendly relationship to best meet the needs of your children."


- Mrs. Shellia Jackson, Owner & Operator of TLCLA.


TLC Learning Academy licensed in Memphis, TN. I believe in running a controlled and safe, but friendly environment. I am very proud of the fact that children love coming to TLCLEARNINGACDEMY and sometimes complain about when it’s time to go home.


TLC Learning Academy is set up like a preschool setting in the Shelby County school system. We believe in early literacy and school readiness. 


Parents that come from a having a bad childcare experience are amazed when they notice how quickly their children take to enjoying their time and learning at  TLC Learning Academy.


Shellia's daughter Shanice works alongside her in the center and is very talented with the children. Darrick Jackson along with their children are also involved in the childcare center. Darrick handles administration tasks when he's not in the classroom. 
Shellia's sons are also interactive with the children have a lot of experience in the childcare field.


TLCLA has had many wonderful families come to the center over the years.


TLCLA, Mr. & Mrs. Jackson would like to thank each and every one of you for considering TLC Learning Academy for your child’s enjoyment and development.

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